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LLC"Geonavigator" was founded in 2003.
Since 2003, the Geonavigator company has acquired exclusive rights to use digital application-specific terrain model, Digital Land Terrain Database, with the right to transfer exclusive and non-exclusive rights to third parties to use product World Terrain Database, and to enter into relevant agreements.
In 2011, the Geonavigator company developed products for open use "База данных рельефа поверхности земли" "БДР-03" (World Terrain Database "WTDB-03"),
Certificate of state registration of the database № 2022623660.

Under the contract, the branch of CAI FSUE State ATM Corporation transferred to Geonavigator non-exclusive rights to use aeronautical data and obstacle databases published in AIP collections. Geonavigator also acquired the right to transfer to third parties non-exclusive rights to apply the databases and to enter into relevant agreements.
Since 2003 until present, Geonavigator has been providing ongoing regular (for AIRAC cycles) support for airborne air navigation databases for GPWS, SRA-Indicators and other avionics equipment in their current state.
The Company has obtained all the required permits and licenses to carry out the above activities.

A special assessment of working environment was carried out on October 30, 2019.

Contact us:
Mailing address: 191123, St. Petersburg, ul. Shpalernaya, 38, lit. A, office 1-N.
Address (location): 199106 ST. PETERSBURG, 21st line of the Vasilievsky Ostrov, bldg. 8, liter N, office 1N, office No. 5


Tel 8 (812) 275-84-48, 8 (981) 835-55-77
Fax 8 (812) 339-13-29

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